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One Law Firm Handling Many Case Types

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP is a trusted name in Binghamton for many reasons. People know about us because we have a long history of successful case results and our active community involvement. Our peers often refer clients to us because we are capable of taking on a variety of high-stakes case types that most other law firms are not equipped to manage. No matter what reason brought you to our door, we are glad you are here, and we know you will be, too.

Some of our practice areas of focus are:

  • Civil rights law: Your civil rights are deserving of the utmost legal protection. Our Binghamton lawyers are ready to defend and uphold them.
  • Police brutality: When the police act with excessive force and undue cause, we will be there to hold them accountable through lawsuits filed on behalf of the injured and disenfranchised.
  • Product liability: Product manufacturers can be held financially liable for the harm caused by their defective products, but only if a convincing claim is filed against them.
  • Employment law: We proudly amplify the voices of workers in Binghamton by helping them with a variety of employment law cases.
  • Real estate law: Need help with a real estate transaction or a contract dispute? Look no further than our experienced team.
  • Sexual abuse claims: The harm caused by sexual predators cannot be undone, but a claim can help bring a sense of justice and closure by securing fair compensation for the survivor.
  • Commercial litigation: Give your company some support by choosing our attorneys to work on any commercial litigation matters you encounter.

Although we handle a variety of legal cases, there is at least one common thread among them: the sooner we can work on your case, the better. If you are in need of legal insight and guidance, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm at your first opportunity.

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How Our Attorneys Can Help

As someone who is just trying to live your life as best as you can and follow your interests, you probably do not have much experience with legal conflicts, claims, and lawsuits. When facing a situation that might call for legal action, it can be difficult to know what to do. It is in situations like this and for people like you that our services as professional lawyers and litigators in Binghamton really shine.

To name just a few of the things we can do for you:

  • Guide you throughout your claim
  • Create completely personalized cases – no premanufactured representation
  • Interact with the opposition and inquiring parties for you
  • Negotiate for a settlement when possible
  • Litigate in court when necessary

Tomorrow Looks Better with Our Legal Services

When you are feeling pressed and stressed due to a serious legal conflict, remember that The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP in Binghamton is here to support you. We can manage all aspects of your case and represent you in and out of court, so you can be sure that your case advances without the risk of mistakes you might have inadvertently made on your own. With us at the lead of your case, you can focus on other important things in your life, like your family, health, education, and career.

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