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Stand Up After Police or Government Abuses

Civil rights violations are never something that should be allowed to pass without accountability. However, Americans across the country and right here in New York are constantly worried about their rights being trampled by overzealous and corrupt government entities.

At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we believe in always doing the right thing and doing our part to protect people in need. Our passion for justice is why we proudly accept civil rights claims and lawsuits for the people of Binghamton. With a successful case, we can undo some of the injustices that have been carried out against you and others and possibly secure compensation for you that pays for the harm and hardship you have endured.

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Civil Rights Violations

You have a catalog of civil rights guaranteed to you through the United States Constitution and New York’s own state-level constitution. When any of those rights are damaged, ignored, or removed without due cause, you have suffered a civil rights violation. At our law firm in Binghamton, we can handle all sorts of civil rights violation cases, but we focus primarily on severe cases involving gross abuses of justice.

Three civil rights violation cases we tend to manage are:

  • Police brutality: More people come to our law firm for representation in police brutality claims than for any other type of civil rights violation. Recently, the number of legitimate complaints of police brutality has risen dramatically, too. Police officers should act as shining examples to our communities as people who are meant to embody and uphold the law. Yet far too many officers have forgotten the core of their duties and instead lash out against civilians, use excessive or deadly force when no one is in immediate danger, profile people to meet arrest quotas, illegally stop and search people on a whim, and more.
  • Malicious prosecution: The harm caused by civil rights violations does not begin and end with law enforcement officers. Prosecutors and District Attorneys can step on peoples’ rights, too, by conducting what is called “malicious prosecution.” In summary, malicious prosecution occurs when charges are brought against someone and they are prosecuted in court when it should be clear that the charges are unfounded. The goal of malicious prosecution is to slander the name of someone who the state knows cannot be convicted legitimately.
  • Prisoner abuse: Extreme civil rights violations can even reach into the prison system. Prison wardens, sheriffs, and other security personnel may engage in prisoner abuse and neglect. Many who do conduct this civil rights violation do not even see what they are doing as wrong because they think it is acceptable to further “punish” criminal convicts. When we are called to work on a prisoner abuse claim, our goal is to bring compensation to our client and remove the offenders from their job positions so they cannot hurt others anymore.

How a Successful Civil Rights Case Can Conclude

If you listen too much to law enforcement and judicial officials who commit civil rights violations, then you could be convinced that your claim or lawsuit against them is fruitless. They often try to act like being part of the government makes them immune to repercussions. Our Binghamton civil rights abuse attorneys are here to convince you otherwise. Your case matters and your voice must be heard. Let us amplify it through experienced legal representation capable of bringing about real change.

The benefits of a successful civil rights case include:

  • Compensation: In some civil rights cases, the plaintiff can be awarded compensation for their undue pain, suffering, and financial harm. For example, if you lost your job after being maliciously prosecuted for a crime you never committed, then your compensation could account for your missing wages and lowered earning capacity.
  • Termination: To protect other people from suffering as you have, we can insist that your abuser is removed from their position or outright fired for their wrongdoing. Police officers who use excessive force are usually only suspended with pay unless a civil rights claim is filed against them and their police department.
  • Legislation: Your civil rights case could change New York or the entire United States if it brings about important legislation and policy changes in an effort to stop future similar abuses. Even if your case does not qualify you to be paid compensation or restitution, we still encourage you to consider letting us represent your case to its closure for the chance of making the lives of others better.

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