Derry, New Hampshire Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Trusted Legal Guides for Difficult Challenges

There is nothing simple about commercial law and litigation. As highly experienced Derry commercial litigation attorneys, our team from The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP can certainly tell you as much. Mishandling a legal conflict between your commercial entity and another company, or even an internal party, can have devastating consequences, especially due to all of the inherent complexities. To prioritize the wellbeing of your business and yourself, you should leave any legal issues up to legal professionals like ours.

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No Case is Too Complex for Our Team

Although commercial law and related trial cases are complex, years and years of legal practice and knowledge can make it simpler. When you hire our lawyers to represent you, extensive experience is exactly what you get. Our talents and insight effectively become your own when we act on your behalf in and out of court.

You can trust our team with all sorts of commercial litigation cases, such as:

  • Appellate cases: Not all commercial litigation cases will conclude after one trial or court hearing. For cases that need further review, they must be sent to an appellate court. Some of our attorneys are capable of appellate practice in higher courts, representing plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Banking litigation: Banks, financial institutions, lenders, and more count on our law firm for powerful representation in New Hampshire. We are often the first choice of lenders who need to enforce a commercial loan, for example.
  • Business litigation: Your business deserves serious legal representation during a legal conflict. Call us if you need help with a shareholder, insurance, contract breach, or trade claims dispute.
  • Commercial real estate litigation: Real estate transactions involving commercial properties can get cloudy quickly if mishandled. We are here to help with conflicts originating from transactions, boundary line disputes, liens, and more.
  • Corporate governance litigation: Corporations and government entities are often interlinked, which means heated legal conflicts can arise between the two without much notice. Our Derry commercial litigation lawyers are well-versed in New Hampshire and federal regulations to best represent local businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits.
  • Insurance litigation: You can come to our law firm for responsive representation and a prompt resolution to insurance disputes and lawsuits. Thanks to our eclectic backgrounds and legal experiences, we can represent insurance companies and insured commercial businesses alike.
  • Intellectual property litigation: Protect your intellectual property from abuse and misuse by third parties by retaining the services of our team. We can manage cases involving trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.

You Can Decide How to Use Our Help

Many of our commercial litigation clients ask us to represent them throughout the entire legal process. From initial consultations to representing you in court, we can do it all and while upholding your best interests. We recommend this comprehensive approach when you and your company are entering a case that is unfamiliar or involves high stakes.

On the other hand, some of our clients require legal counsel more than representation. For example, if your company has a legal department, then we can provide guidance and advice as they navigate your case. Ultimately, we want to deliver the legal services you require and to the utmost of your expectations.

Call Our Law Firm Today to Begin

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