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Lawsuits for Dangerous Product Defects

Product manufacturers can be held financially liable for the harm their defective products cause. Compensation is never guaranteed, though. Injured consumers need to file a claim against those manufacturers, which could mean fighting them in court.

After you have been seriously injured by a defective product in New Hampshire, The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP should be the first law firm you call for assistance. Our Derry product liability attorneys have a long history of taking difficult cases and winning them for clients in need. Product manufacturers are often defended by corporate attorneys who do nothing but manage high-stakes claims day-in and day-out. Be sure you are ready to counter them with a powerful legal force of your own by calling (855) 465-4622 now.

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Examples of Defective Products

Defective products lawsuits commonly involve:

  • Defective auto parts or cars
  • Unsafe foods and produce
  • Hazardous industrial or cleaning products
  • Defective medical devices
  • Hazardous children’s toys
  • Dangerous drugs and pharmaceuticals

Our legal team pays attention to the news, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) press releases, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) information to stay aware of defective product updates. No matter what sort of product hurt you, our team might already know about its dangers, which gives us the opportunity to start your claim with as little complications as possible. Gain the advantage of our knowledge and experience by allowing us to act on your behalf as your product defect claim progresses.

How Products Become Defective

Product manufacturers do not want to create and sell unreasonably dangerous products to consumers. Yet there are dozens of nationwide product recalls each year, if not more. What is happening to make so many products defective and unsafe? How are so many companies acting negligently and letting unsafe products make it to the market?

There are three main ways a product becomes defective:

  • Design: A product that is defective by design is never safe for consumer use or sale due to a fundamental flaw that occurred during the design process. One famous example of defectively designed products is the Takata airbags that caused numerous deaths and many more injuries several years ago. The airbags were designed to use a chemical component that becomes unstable after extended exposure to heat and humidity, resulting in airbags that explode violently. With more research, Takata would have known not to use that chemical component at all.
  • Manufacturing: A product that is defective by manufacturing is designed safely but becomes dangerous due to a mistake at some point during the manufacturing process, which includes shipping and storing the product. For example, imagine that trucks’ worth of meat products spoiled during shipment because the agricultural company inadvertently packed them into non-refrigerated trucks.
  • Marketing: A product that is defective by marketing becomes dangerous due to incorrect or incomplete information being provided to consumers. Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs are often the most prominent forms of products that are dangerous due to marketing issues. Big Pharma companies have been repeatedly caught hiding information about dangerous side effects from doctors and consumers.

Damages You Might Collect If You Win

The injuries and hardships caused by a defective product can be as painful as they are extensive. As your chosen Derry product liability attorneys, it is our goal to make certain your damages are fully understood and accurately calculated. We are not satisfied with a case outcome unless our client receives as much compensation as possible.

Your damages can include:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitative therapy fees
  • Lost or reduced wages
  • Pain, suffering, and anguish

Going Head-to-Head with Major Corporations

Most product manufacturing companies are owned by one of just a handful of major corporations. When filing a product injury claim against one of these companies, you can expect a fierce and organized opposition in the form of a corporate insurance defense team. Trying to fight them on your own could give them a significant advantage that carries them to an unjustified victory.

Please allow our product liability attorneys from the Derry, New Hampshire office of The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP to represent you. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we can help bolster your claim and prepare it for anything that the opposition might use to defeat it.

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