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No Business Dispute Too Complicated

Your business might not just be your source of income, but it might also be your life’s work. Do not let a business dispute or another conflict with an internal or external party undo it. Start working to set things right and protect your company’s best interests as well as your own by teaming up with The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP in Rochester.

We have a team of commercial litigation attorneys who are standing by to come to the legal assistance of your company. Our familiarity with New York’s business laws and courtroom procedures can become your own advantage when you let us manage your case. Importantly, we can help you prepare for and counter the tactics used by commercial litigation teams often employed or contracted by other corporations, companies, agencies, and so forth.

We can represent claimants, plaintiffs, and defendants in commercial litigation cases. Contact us today to learn more.

What Commercial Litigation Cases Do We Handle?

Depending on the industry to which your company belongs, you can be faced with all sorts of business law conflicts and potential lawsuits. In some cases, the opposition will be another business, like a competitor. In others, someone within your corporation could be the source of the conflict, such as a jaded business partner. There is even the chance that a government agency like the Federal Trade Commission could be on the other side of your case. No matter the situation or the opposition, you can rely on our Rochester commercial litigation attorneys to represent you and your company.

To name only a few of the commercial litigation case types we handle:

  • Appellate cases: If you have already been through a commercial litigation case that did not end in your favor and you think a legal error was the cause of that outcome, then you might be able to appeal to a higher court with our help. We can take cases before the New York State Court of Appeals and Appellate Divisions, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals.
  • Banking litigation: We have been hired by numerous banks, credit unions, and financial institutions throughout the years to defend them against lawsuits filed by state- and federal-level agencies.
  • Business litigation: Everything from a seemingly small contract breach to a heated shareholder dispute can turn your business upside-down and drag you into the courtroom. Be ready for anything by retaining the services of our eclectic team.
  • Commercial real estate litigation: Is your company having unexpected difficulties due to disputes regarding your commercial real estate properties? We can guide you through it, whether you are defending yourself from violation accusations or trying to hold another party accountable for the same issues.
  • Corporate governance litigation: Many companies, nonprofits, and municipalities struggle to understand the almost-innumerable federal and state laws and regulations that surround their industries, which can lead to unintentional violations and lawsuits. Our attorneys are here to see you through any such misunderstandings or mistakes and letting you focus on your business again.
  • Insurance litigation: Insurance company disputes are often complex for both parties involved, so working with a commercial litigation lawyer early is recommended. We can represent insurance companies and commercial insurance policyholders.
  • Intellectual property litigation: Do not take an intellectual property (IP) violation lightly. It could undo your business, whether you are being accused or have been victimized by the transgressions of a competitor. Call (585) 245-0255 right away.

Ready for Court from Day One

It can be unusual for a commercial dispute to end with a settlement. Companies and agencies often do not want to find a middle ground. They would rather fight until the end to get the solution that benefits them the most. While this approach is understandable, it does mean that litigation becomes necessary more often than not.

Our Rochester commercial litigation attorneys know that a simple case can quickly turn towards the courtroom for a resolution, which is why we start preparing for litigation the first day a client retains our services. From thorough evidence collection and analysis to reviewing the local courts that will likely first hear your case, we stay on top of our litigation preparations to give you the most confidence in your case. All the while, we keep you informed with important updates and decisions, so your case develops as you want.

Start Your Case Today

You should not leave the future of your business or corporation up to chance when a legal dispute looms. Do what you can to protect your best interests, finances, and reputation by teaming up with our Rochester commercial litigation lawyers at once. The sooner we can start your case, the better we can work with evidence, records, statements, and so forth to strengthen your argument.

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