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Lawsuits & Claims for Defective Product Injuries

Consumers who are injured by defective products can hold the product manufacturer accountable through a product liability claim or lawsuit. Taking a case against a corporation or international company is not simple, though. You can expect serious resistance from a professional team of defense attorneys who do nothing all day but challenge claims exactly like yours.

To even the legal playing field, choose The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP to represent and guide you. Our Rochester product liability lawyers have decades of combined experience managing high-stakes and complex cases brought against major companies and product manufacturers. No matter what tactics they might try to use to pin the blame for your injuries on you, we will be ready. Nothing slows us down in the pursuit of justice and fair compensation for our clients.

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Common Yet Dangerous Defective Products

Every product needs to be designed, manufactured, and sold in a way that makes it reasonably safe when used as intended and even when used not as intended. When a product does not meet this basic requirement and someone gets hurt while using that product, it can lead to a product liability claim or lawsuit. In most states and situations, a product manufacturer is always held strictly liable for the dangerous defects of their products, regardless of when that product was first made, purchased, or used.

Examples of common yet dangerous defective products are:

  • Auto part defects like explosive airbags or faulty brakes
  • Contaminated food like spinach with traces of E. coli
  • Dangerous medical devices like metal-on-metal hip implants
  • Children’s toys with small choking hazards included

Three Ways Products Become Defective

For a product liability claim to stand a strong chance of success, it is important to know not only that a product was defective but also how that defect came to be. Not all defects are the same. Even seemingly identical products made in the same manufacturing center in the same batch can become dangerously different due to a defect or mistake somewhere in the creation process.

As your chosen Rochester product liability lawyers, it will be part of our role to identify how the product that hurt you became defective. We know where to look for valuable evidence that can prove our argument, too. For example, we might be able to use the discovery process or a court-approved subpoena to get access to internal manufacturing company records that reveal they should have known about the dangers of their product.

Our investigations might prove the product became defective due to one of three errors:

  • Design: Some products are dangerous from the moment they are designed due to a defect present in the design product. Takata airbags are infamously defective due to a design error that called for an unsafe chemical reagent to be used in the airbag’s inflation device.
  • Manufacturing: Other products become dangerous during the manufacturing process due to a mistake on the production line. For example, a preassembled piece of furniture could collapse if even one screw was forgotten by the assembly crew.
  • Marketing: More products still technically become defective due to incorrect or inadequate marketing, advertisements, and product packaging. Dangerous prescription medicines are a common example of defective marketing when there is no warning of certain side effects.

Expect the Most When Choosing Our Firm

Major corporations and product manufacturers will have difficulty preparing for the legal fight we bring to their desks when an injured client hires us to handle their product liability claim. Our thoroughness means that no angle is unexplored and no case is too big. When it comes to negotiating a settlement or litigating for a verdict award, we do the most we can to give you a fair chance at living comfortably again after a severe injury caused by a defective product.

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