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Discrimination & Retaliation

New York Discrimination Attorneys

Retaliation Lawsuits in New York

As a worker in New York, you should be protected from all forms of unlawful discrimination in your place of employment. Unfortunately, not all employers and workplaces take this right seriously, and countless people experience unjustified and illegal discrimination at work each day. At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we know that discrimination has no place in any workplace, and we are on a mission to make sure it is stamped out wherever it might be.

Our New York discrimination lawyers would be honored to hear from you if you have been the victim of workplace discrimination. Furthermore, if you tried to do something about the discrimination and then faced retaliation, we can help you in that situation, too. Our main goal is to make sure you are properly compensated for the trouble and hardship you have faced, and, hopefully, your case will make sure no such employer wrongdoing happens again to other people.

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Discrimination Against Protected Classes in New York

Discrimination is specifically some sort of undue action taken against a worker because they belong to a specific type of protected class. In other words, all forms of mistreatment at work might call for an employment lawsuit, but not all forms constitute discrimination.

New York and federal law protect various classes from discrimination, such as:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Age (18 or older)
  • Political affiliation
  • Arrest and conviction records
  • And more

Discrimination can come in many forms, but the underlying thread is that it puts the worker in a negative situation, and it is done as unjustified “retaliation” against the worker for belonging to a protected class. Some types of discrimination can even be outwardly harmful.

Retaliation Against a Worker of a Protected Class

When a worker faces some sort of retaliation for belonging to a protected class, then they might have a discrimination and/or retaliation lawsuit on their hands.

Retaliatory actions employers sometimes take against workers include:

Importantly, discrimination does not have to be caused directly by an employer or supervisor. It can and often does come from coworkers instead, such as a worker who tells hurtful jokes about another worker because they belong to a protected class. In such cases, an employer can be held accountable if it does not take enough reasonable actions to halt the discrimination and penalize the offender.

New York Employers Under Antidiscrimination Mandates

In New York, employers with at least 15 employees must adhere to federal antidiscrimination laws. However, any employer with at least 4 employees must adhere to the state’s anti-discrimination laws, which are broader in many senses. Furthermore, men and women must be paid equally for equal labor, no matter how many people work for an employer.

Compensation & Justice Through a Claim

Your discrimination and retaliation claim could be the first step in making sure that justice is served. It might also be the only way for you to regain financial stability after workplace discrimination has taken away your fairly earned wages.

The two main potential benefits of a discrimination lawsuit are:

  • Financial compensation: You can be awarded financial compensation that pays for the wages you have lost due to discrimination. A court can also approve punitive damages that provide further financial compensation to you as a way to punish the employer for wrongdoing.
  • Company changes: Your discrimination lawsuit might be the catalyst that causes significant changes in your employer’s company, or even to New York’s employment laws. Although you can help yourself through legal action, you can potentially help countless others, too.

Contact Our NY Discrimination Lawyers for Support & Action

Our New York discrimination attorneys and retaliation lawyers are standing by to assist you with every part of your case. No one should have to deal with the pain and frustration that workplace discrimination can cause. With our legal guidance and representation, you can confidently progress your case and leave discrimination behind.

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