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Personal Injury

Fort Lee Personal Injury Lawyers

Building Your Case from Top to Bottom

Personal injury claims are an essential part of recovering compensation for most people who have been in an accident that was not their fault. Every step of the process is just as important as the entire process overall. To be confident with how your case is forming and the direction it is heading, team up with the Fort Lee personal injury lawyers of The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP.

We’re a leading local law firm with one goal in mind: getting as much compensation for our clients as possible. Of course, we also balance our legal services with genuine compassion and one-on-one attention, so our clients never feel like they are being led in circles or astray.

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Call Us for Any Personal Injury Case

You can count on our team to assist with any personal injury case you need to be filed and managed. Thanks to our extensive legal experience and varied backgrounds as legal professionals, there is no case that is too big, small, or complicated for our team.

Four of the most common injury cases we handle for clients are:

  • Car accidents: Reckless drivers cause thousands of serious crashes across the country every year. Insurance companies defend them each time to try to save their own profits. Get ready for anything the opposition will throw at your case by working with us today.
  • Truck accidents: Huge commercial trucks can cause absolutely devastating accidents, even when traveling below highway speeds. We are here to help you demand compensation from powerful trucking companies and their insurers.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Injured motorcyclists in Hackensack know they have legal allies in our firm. You deserve the utmost compensation for your wreck, and we know what it takes to fight for it.
  • Product liability: You can hold a negligent product manufacturer liable for making a dangerous product with the help of our firm. Let us know if you were hurt by a defective auto part, appliance, drug, etc.

Damages Available to Injured Claimants

The damages in your personal injury claim are the losses you have suffered due to your accident and injuries. They can come in many forms, including economic and non-economic. As your personal injury attorneys, we will work diligently to uncover all of your damages and calculate them accurately. We don’t want to leave a single cent owed to you unclaimed.

Your personal injury claim might include these damages and more:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Ready to Fight Insurance Companies for You

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP in Fort Lee is ready to take your personal injury case to the next level. Known for our creative solutions to legal challenges that could interfere with our clients’ recoveries, our team is constantly innovating our methods while also using tried-and-true approaches to casework. This combination of forward-thinking and real-world legal experience has led us to great successes for our clients, time after time.

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What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

  • Client-Focused Approach

    We’re a client-centered, results-oriented firm. When you work with us, you can have confidence we’ll put your best interests at the forefront of your case – it’s that simple.

  • Creative & Innovative Solutions

    No two cases are the same, and neither are their solutions. Our attorneys provide creative points of view to yield exemplary results.

  • Experienced Attorneys

    We have a team of trusted and respected attorneys to ensure your case is matched with the best attorney possible.

  • Driven By Justice

    The core of our legal practice is our commitment to obtaining justice for those who have been wronged and need a powerful voice.