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Advances in Auto Safety Technology Confusing for Many Drivers

Safety features once reserved for only the most high-tech luxury vehicles have become increasingly widely available. These new advances in technology have the potential to dramatically reduce accidents and fatalities through a number of preventative measures like rear-view cameras, adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance, autonomous braking and parking, and reverse backup sensors. Features like these are amazing – if you know how to use them, that is. The problem that many drivers now face is that they aren’t taking advantage of these features simply because they don’t know how they work.

New Car Technology Can Be Unsafe if the Driver Doesn't Know How it Works

People who are unaware of the safety features their vehicle is equipped with are likely to turn them off, especially when they cause the car to do something unexpected. A driver is likely to feel uncomfortable if, for example, their vehicle automatically slows down or speeds up while the adaptive cruise control is engaged. In a survey recently conducted by the University of Iowa, approximately 40 percent of people reported that their car has acted in an unexpected way. This is largely because, although certain safety features come standard, they don’t come with education on how to use them. Turning these features off to avoid an unexpected vehicle response ultimately defeats the purpose of them being there in the first place.

According to the executive director at the Center for Auto Safety and a number of safety advocates, owner’s manuals are falling short of providing necessary information and instruction, more closely resembling “documents written by lawyers for lawyers” than anything that could be of use to a consumer.

Many senior citizens especially experience the frustration of learning new car technology, but there are many more drivers out there who are left bewildered by all of the things their cars can now do. For people who just want to get in the car and drive, new technology simply isn’t being utilized to its full potential. And with most driver’s education courses running 15 years behind the latest technology, many people may not ever reach a full understanding of all of their vehicle’s capabilities.

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