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Carmakers Snag Spotlight at 2016 Consumer Electronics Show

A few weeks ago, people from around the globe gathered in Las Vegas to view the latest and greatest technological innovations at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show. Among the headline attractions at this year’s show were new vehicles from Ford and other automakers, making a series of announcements on electric vehicles, connected cars, and autonomous driving.

As tech companies move closer to creating fully autonomous vehicles, traditional car companies are moving just as quickly to add new technologies to keep up with the latest driving trends. GM revealed a new all-electric Chevy Bolt, and Volkswagen also introduced a new prototype for an electric car. Nine auto companies in total held news events this year, including several auto suppliers involved in self-driving car programs.

Ford announced that it will be tripling the size of its autonomous vehicle fleet from 10 to 30 and will step up testing. This increase in research is part of Ford’s effort to have fully autonomous vehicles ready for sale by 2020. It is estimated that up to 15 percent of new cars could be fully autonomous by 2030, with software, rather than styling or engines, being the number one factor differentiating cars in the future.

The autonomous vehicle is slated to save thousands of lives every year by preventing accidents caused by human error, and are expected to hit roads within the next few years.

Read more about what was featured at this year’s show via CNET.

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