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Police Brutality Lead to Death of Dannemora Inmate

The civil rights issue of police brutality has seen a lot of attention over the past year. In an effort to bring one overlooked case to light, a recent article published by the New York Times last month is yet another reminder to the public that police misconduct is a serious concern in our state and throughout the country, with many perpetrators escaping punishment for violating the rights of citizens.

Police Brutality at Clinton Correctional Facility

Back in 2010, Leonard Strickland, a prisoner suffering from schizophrenia, was beaten to death inside the walls of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY. An internet security video clearly shows the handcuffed inmate dragged across the floor, barely conscious and unable to move, while a nurse looked on and did nothing. When medical responders finally arrived, Strickland was described as having blood flowing from his ears, feeling cold to the touch, and being covered with bruises and cuts. The video documenting the last 45 minutes of his life was just released in November as evidence in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the victim’s family.

Mr. Strickland’s death was only briefly covered in newspapers. It was only after two murderers escaped the facility this past June that the prison started to attract extraordinary attention, and along with this publicity came an explosion of details concerning the prison’s disturbing pattern of abuse. Scores of brutality lawsuits have been filed against the facility by inmates in recent years, but the local district attorney’s office and officials with the state police could not recall the last time charges have been brought against a Clinton officer for excessive force, if ever. Although state officials claim that they are looking into the abuse claims, there is so far no indication that anything will come of it.

The personnel involved in the Strickland case all still either work in the prison system or have retired with full benefits. Several of these officers are still facing brutality accusations by inmates.

Skilled Police Brutality Lawyers in New York

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