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The Russell Friedman Law Group Helps Save UB-04 Bill from Being Disallowed

The Horn Wright, LLP, together with Joel Giambra of Park Strategies, LLC, helped the hospital community avoid a huge catastrophe after certain court decisions disallowed the use of UB-04 forms within hospitals. The voiding of this form, which is the uniform institutional provider hard copy claim form that is used when billing multiple third party payers, would have rendered millions of dollars worth of pending hospital bills unpayable. The Horn Wright, LLP immediately sprang to action on behalf of Erie County Medical Center, communicating our concerns to the Department of Financial Services.

Through cooperative measures, our attorneys were able to get the Department to provide clarification on the exact rules surrounding use of the UB-04 form, as well as on the existing requirements to allow for the processing of bills without a future claim that a bill was void. The Department also clarified what types of assignment a hospital cam use to receive payment for an admission or emergency treatment, and which forms should be used for any given scenario.

Through our cooperative and combined efforts, the New York State Department of Financial Services issued an urgent letter to hospitals in record time. The issues raised by our efforts are now being fully resolved in favor of all hospitals. This was achieved without the effort, support, or cooperation of any of the Hospital Trade Associations.

Please click the link above to read the full text of “Catastrophe Avoided: How Communication, Cooperation and Clarification Saved the UB-04 Bill From Being Disallowed.”