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Your Employer Might Not Have Told You About These Workplace Rights

Thousands of workers in New York and throughout the country have their rights violated by their employers, oftentimes without even being aware of it. Many people assume they can trust their employers to always follow the law, but many employers routinely violate laws. Sometimes it is on purpose (to get more work done for less money, for example), but sometimes the violations arise from simple ignorance.

It pays to know your rights. Here are a few that you might not have realized you have:

  • You must be paid promptly. State law dictates when you must receive your paycheck after a pay period ends. Your employer cannot withhold your check for any reason and will have to pay you an additional amount as a penalty for delivering your check after a certain time frame.
  • Your employer cannot require you to work off the clock. If you are classified as a non-exempt employee, all of your work hours must be documented on the clock. Working off the clock without pay is not doing your employer a favor, it’s breaking the law!
  • The government decides when you’re eligible for overtime pay. Non-exempt employees must, without exception, be paid overtime for any hours in excess of 40 worked in a single week. Your employer does not decide when you are eligible for overtime, nor can they refuse to pay it.
  • Your employer cannot pay you as a contractor if you are being treated like an employee. If when, where, and how you work is determined by your employer, you are an employee and not an independent contractor. As such, your company needs to pay your payroll taxes and offer you the same benefits that are offered to regular employees.

Is your employer violating any of the above workplace rights? Does your employer owe you back wages or deny you breaks and rest periods? Are you being unfairly discriminated against or mistreated? If you suspect that your rights are being violated by your employer, please get in touch with a New York employment law attorney at The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP. Our team is dedicated to representing people throughout New York in a variety of employment law disputes, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, and more. Whatever you are facing, our legal professionals are ready to review your case for free to help you determine which legal options may be right for you.

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