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Aru Pharma, Inc. Regarding EzriCare Artificial Tears Eye Drops

“From the outset, Aru Pharma has cooperated fully with the Food and Drug Administration in its effort to remove EzriCare Artificial Tears from the market due to claims of serious adverse health effects suffered by users of these eye drops” according to its attorney, Neil Flynn of The Russell Friedman Law Group in Garden City, New York.

The company, headquartered in Yonkers, New York, “has taken all available steps to protect the end users of these products despite having no role in their formulation or sale to consumers”, Mr. Flynn continued.

According to its counsel, Aru Pharma has provided the FDA with information relating to Global Pharma, Inc. which manufactured the eye drops at their factory in India. Aru Pharma has also provided everything in its possession relating to the distribution of the eye drops by

EzriCare, Inc. to retailers such as Walmart and directly to the public on Amazon.com.

In addition, Aru Pharma has established a consumer hotline to assist the FDA and provide consumers with information relating to the recall, which is also available on the company’s website. Aru Pharma has taken these measures despite having essentially ceased operations in August 2022 upon the death of its founder and, recently filing for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.

“Despite its near insolvency, Aru Pharma’s board of directors chose to expend the bulk of its remaining assets to protect the American public and prevent anyone from suffering any injury, large or small, to the greatest extent possible” concluded Mr. Flynn.

All inquiries relating to this matter may be directed to Neil Flynn at The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP at 516.993.5599 or nflynn@rfriedmanlaw.com.