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Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Scam Revealed

While fraud and fraudulent offers of instant wealth often target senior citizens, a recent fraud scheme has begun targeting individuals of all ages and demographics. This fraud is known as the Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

How Does Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud Work?

In these schemes, a person pretends to be a Nigerian businessperson and asks ordinary individuals or businesses to help move large sums of money, sometimes billions, out of Nigeria in exchange for a large profit. These scammers use mail, faxes, telephone calls, and emails to solicit many investors.

To cover up their identities, these imposters use a large variety of aliases, which they have taken from many reputable and notable professionals and businesspersons. It should be noted that these individuals have not given their consent for fraudsters to function under their names and are not tied to these deceitful acts by any means.

To help persons identify these fraudulent acts, a list of common aliases has been provided here.

If you or a loved one has fallen prey to a scammer, contact The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP to speak with a New York, New Jersey & New Hampshire attorney. Your initial case review is free of charge.