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Bruce Klein and Erin Stamper's Insightful CLE Presentation: No-Fault 101: Intake, Registration, and Billing

Erin Stamper and Bruce Klein recently had the privilege of presenting a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) session to members of the Nassau County Bar Association's Hospital & Health Law Committee. Comprising legal professionals who navigate intricate healthcare-related legal issues, this committee extends its expertise to matters involving healthcare facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, other healthcare providers, and consumers alike.

The one-hour CLE presentation, aptly titled "No-Fault 101: Intake, Registration, and Billing," delved deep into the complex challenges that can surface during the critical stages of patient intake and registration. These challenges pose a dual risk for medical providers, potentially impeding their reimbursement processes and exposing them to restitution claims from secondary payers, encompassing both commercial and governmental insurers, as well as the patients themselves. Erin and Bruce offered practical insights for medical providers to efficiently identify the responsible No-Fault insurer, particularly in high-pressure settings such as emergency rooms. Furthermore, they explored the statutory deadlines associated with notifying a No-Fault insurer of an accident and submitting a related claim. In situations where these deadlines cannot be met, they shared valuable strategies to address these intricacies.

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