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As an established law firm in New York & New Jersey, The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP can be trusted to help with your wage and hour claim. With decades of combined experience and an uncompromising will to see our clients succeed, we are recognized as a premier law practice in New York & New Jersey. Our guiding principles of practice include:

  • Results-oriented: We advocate for employees who’ve been wronged and seek the best outcome for each client’s unique situation.
  • Well-crafted legal solutions: We create innovative legal strategies to represent each case from a unique perspective.
  • A collaborative approach: We draw upon the experience and perspective of every member of our team in order to create a well-rounded case on your behalf.

How to Report Wage & Hour Violations

If your employer failed to provide the compensation you deserve for your work, you can report a wage violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). You can file a complaint in person or by mail.

Wage and hour violation complaints should go to the (WHD) Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor and include:

  • When the violation occurred (specific dates, if possible)
  • A general description of the violation
  • Information about the employee’s pay, method of payment, and regularity of payment
  • Description of employee’s work/job title
  • Contact information for the employer (name, phone number, address, etc.)
  • Employee’s information (address, phone number, name)

After you contact the WHD, it reviews the complaint and investigates the claim. If the WHD determines that the employer denied the employee pay, it may help him/her recover compensation. In some cases, the WHD needs additional information from the complainant to pursue an allegation against the employer. If possible, prepare as much information about the situation as possible. This will help the WHD act quickly and effectively, so you can pursue the wages you deserve.

Filing a claim isn’t easy, though. In fact, the WHD often demands a daunting amount of information and paperwork. If you’re considering a wage and hour dispute with your employer, speak with a member of our firm today.

You Deserve Fair Compensation. We’re Here To Help You Get It.

Backed by our years of legal experience, we’re familiar with all types of wage and hour claims. Whether you’ve been asked to work off the clock or you’ve been advised to work through lunch and designated breaks, we are here to find a resolution that compensates you for violations of your wage and hour rights. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, we urge you to contact our office about taking legal action.

  • Are you automatically clocked out for breaks and lunches?
  • Are you denied pay for travel time to your work site?
  • Are you ever asked to work “off the clock?”
  • Are you a salaried employee working an hourly position?

We also represent employees who’ve seen unwarranted changes made to their timesheets; who’ve been actively denied breaks or meal times; and who’ve received pay less than minimum wage. We’re here to help you fight for the full pay you deserve as an employee of New York State. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation. We can be reached at (516) 714-5975 - get in touch with an employment law lawyer in New York today.​