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Obama Administration Proposes $4 Billion Budget for Self-Driving Vehicles

Recently, the Obama administration pledged to invest funds to further the research and development of self-driving cars due to increased efforts of technology companies and automakers. Although self-driving cars are predicted to be on the road within the next 10 years, most major cities have not created long-term plans with these autonomous vehicles in mind.

As of now, the proposed budget for the next year will be $4 billion, which is to be distributed over a decade in order to:

  • Produce research projects
  • Conduct testing
  • Create infrastructures to improve technologies

How Can Self-Driving Cars Create Safer Roads?

According to research, in 2015, about 25,000 fatalities caused in car accidents could have been prevented if driverless technologies were available for use. Many sources believe these self-driving cars can keep roads safer due to the following:

  • Self-driving cars can react faster than humans can.
  • Autonomous vehicles can prevent distracted driving collisions.
  • Sensors in these cars can stop the vehicles before accidents occur.
  • These vehicles can improve the flow of traffic.

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