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JDoe smartphone app

The Horn Wright, LLP is Partnering with JDoe to Help Sexual Abuse Survivors

The Horn Wright, LLP is proud to announce its partnership with JDoe to amplify the voices of sexual abuse survivors and to bring their abusers to justice. JDoe is a smartphone app that enables survivors to file anonymous reports of sexual misconduct to identify mutual victims of repeat sexual offenders. Together with JDoe, we are making it easier for sexual abuse survivors to find a trusted legal professional when they are ready to come forward with a claim.

There are many reasons why we like working with JDoe, including:

  • Direct Information: We can work directly with the app to get information about sex abusers that might be named in our clients’ lawsuits. Historically, law enforcement agencies have not been aggressive in investigating and prosecuting sexual abuse cases, which is not good for our clients. With JDoe, we get direct, unfiltered information about sex abusers sooner.
  • Established Histories: JDoe has built the largest and most comprehensive database of crowdsourced reports of sexual misconduct in the world and the platform has developed novel intellectual property to guarantee survivors the privacy and protections they deserve. With JDoe, we can see the complete picture of time-stamped claims and can use these histories to help further establish veracity of our clients’ claims when suing an abuser. Courts are notorious for doubting sexual abuse survivors, so every piece of evidence we can get is a huge help for survivors.
  • Confidentiality: People who submit reports on JDoe can do so with the utmost confidentiality. The app encrypted reports to prevent its own team members from reading the data. Information collected by JDoe is secured and never shared unless a survivor chooses to do so and authorizes a law firm to have access to their report. Even if compelled to produce information by subpoena, JDoe would be unable to read your data and hand it over.

JDoe and The Horn Wright, LLP are here to give you confidence when reporting and taking action against sexual abusers who have done so much to harm you. Please reach out to us whenever you are ready. You can also click here to learn more about JDoe from the app’s website.