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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse Attorneys in New Hyde Park

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In February of 2019, New York enacted a law allowing victims of sexual assault to seek justice against abusers and the organizations and employers that turned a blind eye to alleged acts of abuse. Under the New York Child Victims Act, anyone up to the age of 55 who suffered sexual abuse may seek money damages from the person/organization found to be liable. Even those who were previously unable to seek justice due to statutes of limitations are now eligible to take legal action.

If you or someone you love was the victim of sexual abuse as a child, teen, or adult, our New Hyde Park sexual abuse attorneys are here to help. At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we will work directly with you to understand the details of your case without invading your personal life. Our goal is to help you understand your full legal rights and obtain the justice you deserve.

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What Is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is not limited to rape. Many people do not realize that what they experienced was, in fact, sexual abuse and, therefore, many instances go unreported. However, any sexual act that occurs without consent is a form of sexual abuse. This includes unwanted touching, rape, or any sexual activity that occurs when one individual is unable to give consent due to age, intoxication, or any other factor.

Sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault.

Understanding Your Rights

Sexual abuse is a crime, and anyone convicted of such an offense is subject to criminal penalties, such as jail time and mandatory sex offender registration. In addition to criminal proceedings, victims of sexual abuse can take civil action against their abuser and, in some cases, the organization that harbored them. Under New York’s Child Victims Act, the statute of limitations on these cases has been lifted from one to five years beginning on the victim’s 18th birthday to anyone up to the age of 55. Additionally, the law’s one-year “look-back” period allows those whose claims had already expired under the state’s old statute of limitations to file a claim before August 14, 2020.

What Does a Civil Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Do?

Like a personal injury claim, a civil lawsuit against an abuser or an abuser’s employer or another liable party allows you to seek monetary compensation for damages you suffered as a result of the abuse.

These damages may include things like:

  • Medical expenses associated with the abuse
  • Therapy costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Trauma
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Punitive damages

Under the new law, victims can not only file a lawsuit against the abuser but also against the organization that knew of or should have known of the abuse. This includes organizations such as churches, schools, after-school programs, recreational sports organizations, and more.

How Our Firm Can Help

For victims, the aftermath of sexual abuse is extensive and long-lasting; no amount of financial recovery can ever undo what you have been through or the challenges you have faced as a result of the abuse. At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we understand this. We also understand that a successful civil action against your abuser or the liable organization can bring a much-needed sense of justice.

Our New Hyde Park sexual abuse attorneys can help you understand your rights under the New York Child Victims Act, including your right to seek justice and the fair recovery you deserve. We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality in these types of cases—all attorney-client communications at our firm are always kept entirely confidential.

Most importantly, our attorneys have the experience your case needs. Throughout our years in practice, our attorneys have handled numerous sexual abuse injury cases and have recovered multiple seven-figure settlements and verdicts for our clients.

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