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As an employee in the state of New York, you are granted certain rights under federal and state law. If you believe your rights have been violated by an employer or another individual or entity, reach out to The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP right away to speak to an experienced employment law attorney in Binghamton. Our team can assist you with a variety of employment issues, from wage and hour violations to wrongful termination and more.

The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP is known for providing honest, effective legal services to clients navigating a range of complex and stressful legal challenges. We will stand by you every step of the way, providing the personalized legal solutions and caring support you need.

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Understanding Your Rights as an Employee in New York

Federal and state laws protect workers throughout the United States, including in the state of New York. It is important that you know and understand these rights so that you can protect yourself from unlawful and unjust employment practices.

Below, we have provided a brief overview of your rights as an employee in the state of New York:

  • Wages and Hours: Your employer must pay you for every hour you work, including any time you work outside of your scheduled hours. Additionally, employers must provide mandated meal breaks and rest periods for all non-exempt employees.
  • Minimum Wage: No one in New York may be paid less than minimum wage. Minimum wage differs from county to county; for example, in New York City, the minimum wage is $15.00/hour as of December 31, 2019 and in Broome County, minimum wage is currently $11.10/hour. Note that there are certain exceptions for tipped workers.
  • Overtime Pay: If you work more than 40 hours in a single payroll week, you are eligible for overtime pay at a rate of 1.5 times your regular hourly rate for all overtime hours worked. Certain employees are exempt, meaning they are not eligible for overtime pay, under federal laws.
  • Discrimination and Harassment: One of your rights is the right to a discrimination- and harassment-free workplace. You may not be discriminated against or harassed based on your race, creed, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.
  • Retaliation: By law, your employer may not retaliate against you for reporting unlawful activity, filing a complaint, or due to discriminatory reasons of any kind.
  • Wrongful Termination: New York is an at-will state, meaning an employer may fire an employee for virtually any reason or for no reason at all. However, you may not be fired due to any discriminatory or retaliatory reason as outlined above.

These are just some of your rights you should know. To learn more about your rights as an employee in New York, you can visit the New York State Department of Labor’s website.

Were Your Employee Rights Violated?

If you believe your employer has violated your rights in any way—whether by failing to pay you overtime, refusing to provide meal and rest breaks, or by firing you because you made a complaint about discriminatory behavior or harassment—reach out to our Binghamton employment law attorneys as soon as possible to learn how we can help.

At The Russell Friedman Law Group, LLP, we proudly represent workers across all professions, fields, and industries. Our trusted and proven team is ready to stand with you and advocate for your rights. There are no fees unless we win your case, and your initial consultation is always free and confidential.

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